Digging the Depths of the Titanic

I am always digging around looking for more information of any kind on the Titanic. People ask me "Is there anything else to be discovered about the passengers and crew on the Titanic?" I usually tell them there were over 2200 people on the Titanic, each with a story all their own! That's a lot of digging to do. Researching the 3rd class is especially hard. Back then, the public just wasn't interested in hearing anything about them. Newspapers weren't interested in publishing their stories. They wanted to hear about the rich and famous! Also, the crew information is pretty sketchy and is very hard to research, therein lies the quest!

Here's where I do the most digging:
This website is THE best for doing any kind of Titanic research you may want to do. The people at ET are very knowledgable and they add new stories and information all the time. You can learn a lot just reading through the message boards, where "Titanicologists" talk to each other and give their opinions, and sometimes share information.

The book I love the most is Judith Geller's Titanic, Women and Children First. She is the best at telling stories of some of Titanic's most interesting people. It would make a great gift for anyone who loves the Titanic. Wish she'd write another one!

Here's my personal list of the best books to study about the Titanic:
1. Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember" (legendary)
2. "Titanic, An Illustrated History" by Titanic historian Don Lynch
3. "Titanic, Destination Disaster" by Titanic experts John Eaton & Charles Haas

For children I especially like the DK Eyewitness books "Titanic" and "Discover The Titanic." Another just for fun book is entitled
"882 1/2 Amazing Answers to your Titanic Questions." All these books are very good for any Titanic research.

I think I have nearly every book available on the Titanic and have read most of them several times-just in case I missed something before. You just never know! Get out there and start "digging!"

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